I’ve recently applied to TopTal, a freelancing company who strives to provide only the best freelancers for their clients. I do a lot of work as a freelancer on Upwork right now, but it’s always wise to diversify.

I think TopTal is a bit more unique in that they do a much stricter job of screening potential freelancers. Upwork is great, but there are plenty of sub-par freelancers on the site.

While diversification is important to me, there are many reasons why I would love to be on TopTal. Who wouldnt wan’t to be considered a “Top Talent.”

The real question is, why does TopTal need ME?

Well, need might be a strong word, but they could certainly use me. While they have an abundance of full-stack developers, I didn’t see quite as many freelancers who specialize in WordPress, specifically with some of the most popular themes – Divi and Elementor.

Obviously, every business and business owner are different, but in my experience, many businessess want a website they can manage themselves after a new site build. With themes like Divi, this is much more reasonable for the average business owner who isn’t a computer whiz.

This is how I spend most of my day. I build websites and run successful SEO campaigns that help business owners get more visiblity online, without getting overwhelmed by technical mumbo jumbo and code. I can accomplish this while still providing the functionality and design that 99% of business owners need.

It’s not a coincidence that I have almost nothing but 5 star reviews on every platform I’m a part of (only 4.9 on Google). So I ask, why wouldn’t TopTal want more top talent?