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Modern Web Design for Small Businesses

Modern Web Design – Our Process

The secret to how we can create professional looking websites for such affordable prices lies within our process. For starters, we don’t create everything from scratch. We use WordPress themes, created by some of the best designers and developers in the world, as a foundation for your site. This saves us a TON of time, and it saves you a TON of money. We can then customize these themes based on your wants and needs to give you a website you’ll be proud to show off.


We Listen To You

What is your business?
What do you do?
Who do you cater to?
What are you looking for?

We Create a Plan

Establish domain and hosting
Design planning
WordPress installation
Content and functionality planning

We Implement The Design

Develop the design
Customize the site
Ensure user-friendliness
Add your content

We Launch Your Site

Usability testing
Link checking
SEO readiness
Review and approval

Modern Web Design To Help Your Business Succeed

A compelling website can set your business apart from the competition, and it’s our mission to create just that. We’ve helped other businesses get more leads, and we’ll help yours too!

Now you know how it works, check out some of our finished products.

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