Mold Inspection Explainer Videos

Are you looking for a high quality mold inspection explainer video to promote your business?

You’ve come to the right place! I offer professional mold inspection explainer videos at a very reasonable price. Customers almost ALWAYS research a new product or service before buying. Most companies have plenty of information about their services available for you once you visit their website, but it isn’t always displayed in the most convenient way possible. This costs businesses plenty of leads every year!

Customers need a quick, engaging and convincing message to help make their buying decision. One of the most popular ways to relay this information to prospective customers is through an explainer video. Check out this mold inspection explainer video example  below.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, your website’s home page, or a prominent product page. These types of videos have become extremely popular – some sites boast of conversion rates increasing by as much as 144% after including an explainer video on their website.

Here are the key elements of a great explainer video (Don’t worry. I use them all!):

  1. Short in length: Explainer videos are typically under three minutes, but the best ones are often shorter, between 30 seconds and two minutes.
  2. Strong call to action (CTA): Explainer videos should clearly state what they want their viewers to do after watching, and make it easy!
  3. Focused on solving a problem: Explainer videos should be focused on addressing a specific problem or need, explaining their product or service, and answering why they’re the best solution.
  4. Match brand and audience: Explainer videos are best when their style and tone match that of the brand, as well as the customer they’re trying to reach.
  5. High quality: Explainer videos need to be high quality, both in quality of production and quality of content, to effectively promote their message and convert. 

Too often, explainer videos get caught up on the what and the how (aka features), and forget to focus on the why (aka benefits). They do a good job of explaining a product or service, but they don’t effectively communicate what it can do for the customer. Always keep this in mind as you consider your content.

Buy Your Mold Inspection Explainer Video Today!

This explainer video can be YOURS! What’s included?

  • Customized text and messaging
  • Contact information including phone, email and website
  • Add your unique logo
  • Full video without watermark

After successful payment, we’ll send the the guidelines for text length and image requirements. Once received from you, I can complete the edits in 48 hours or less and you’ll have your brand new mold inspection explainer video!