About WebPossible

I specialize in generating leads for businesses in Michigan. I offer a “magic formula” of advertising that includes quality website design and local search engine optimization (SEO).

It’s my goal to help your business grow. Having a strong online presence can generate leads for your business 24/7. It’s my job and my goal to make that happen for you! 

Small Business Friendly

As a small business, I understand how important it is to get noticed, and that’s my main goal for you. I understand the need to get more leads without breaking the bank.



I’m all about creating a hassle free experience for you. I realize you have a lot of responsibilities as it is, so I take care of set up and design. I can even manage your site in the future.


Quite frankly, I really know what I’am doing! I know my process and I know how to get it done quickly. I won’t drag the process out for months or even weeks.


All of my work is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed. If you’re not happy, I’ll do my absolute best to remedy the situation. If you’re still not happy, I’ll give your money back and part ways as friends.

I Understand Lead Gen for Businesses

I often think about what makes WebPossible Web Services different from other website design services. The answer lies in how my service came to be. When I first started doing web design, I had no intentions of doing it professionally. I was a scuba diver in the Florida Keys, and the guy who did our web design was always late and hard to get ahold of. So, I decided I’d try to do it myself to eliminate this problem. I took a bunch of online courses, practiced daily, and over time, I got pretty good at custom website design. As time went on, I did a few sites for friends and a couple more for myself. Before I knew it, I had a solid portfolio built up.

The importance of this is that I learned about small businesses before I learned about website design. This taught me not to think about the easiest or fastest way to design someone’s website. Instead, I think about what’s best for a small business and build that into every site that I create.

  • Customer Service 100% 100%
  • Affordability 100% 100%
  • Professionalism 100% 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100% 100%


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