Avoid These Mistakes When Selecting a Web Design Company

When selecting a web design company, you may get confused by the many companies in the business. It is continuously getting harder to locate experienced and high quality web designers. To reduce the chances that you will select the wrong web design company, here are a few mistakes you should avoid.


1. Expecting the company to create all your content

Just like the name suggests, a web design company is supposed to design your website. There are a number of content providing services, but these are usually separate from the web design companies. Having such expectations will derail you from the most important aspects of a web designer. It can also add a significant amount of time to the project.

2. Having no vision or example of the type of site you want

A well experienced designer will rarely require your input. However, since it is only you who can know exactly what type of site you wish to have, you need to at least have an idea of what you want. If you have a problem visualizing the type of site you want, you can just have an example of a different site that is already made.

3. Not understanding that your site will need maintenance

All websites will require updating from time to time. Different companies have different policies regarding the maintenance of client websites. This is an important consideration when enlisting the services of a web design company. You need to find out what the company charges for regular maintenance.

4. Selecting a company that doesn’t make responsive websites

Poorly coded websites pose the problem of not displaying the site uniformly on desktop devices and mobile devices. Choosing such a developer will mean that you need to redo your whole site once you realize the implications it has. To avoid this, you should make sure your designer uses updated  code to develop your site. A responsive website can be viewed on all devices, and this is a crucial aspect of the design nowadays.

5. Going with the cheapest option available

Pricing of web design services works just like in any other market; based on demand and supply. This means that a cheap company will usually produce lower quality. It is only in very few cases that the designer has other reasons for the low price. If you actively search for a cheap website design company, you are very likely to land a company offering substandard services.

6. Enlisting a web designer that uses a lot of Flash Content

Designers who use a lot of Flash content on their sites are probably unaware of the fact that iPhone devices and Apple desktops do not support Flash content. Anyone trying to access your site using an Apple device will therefore not be able to see the content of your website fully.

7. Not considering the company’s Search Engine Optimization practices

A professional web design company is always aware of SEO and is also aware of the changes taking place in the ranking of websites on search engines. If you don’t consider this before hiring a web designer, you will end up having to pay a third party to optimize your site for search engines.

These are some crucial web design aspects to think about as you select a web design company. Consider your options carefully and do your homework! If you need help building or updating a website, we offer professional website design services!