Fishing Website / Affiliate Marketing SEO Case Study


This fishing website was an affiliate website focused on freshwater fishing and fishing gear. The site was started from scratch with a goal of generating traffic for Amazon affiliates and ad revenue. The campaign goal was to find opportunities for listicles, reviews, guides and more. 

Site History

The site was freshly built. It had 0 posts and a handful of pages at the start of the SEO campaign.


  • Building authority on a new domain
  • Uncovering new keyword topics on a near daily basis
  • Creating tens of thousands of words of quality content quickly
  • Finding opportuities with good volume and enough value on Amazon to make the article worthwhile
  • Researching thousands of products
  • Establishing excellent interlinking of pages to maximize visitor value

Course of Action

This project involved a massive amount of keyword and competitor research. I completed enough research ahead of time to write 20-30 high quality articles. Since the site was brand new, we needed to establish a high level of expertise right away. Content creation was priority number one. 

Technical SEO

The site was brand new so there weren’t too many issues. The biggest focus here was ensuring good site performance and avoiding broken links over time. 

Content Strategy and Keyword Research

The content strategy for this site was critical. Since there was essentially no content at all, we needed to research and create tens of thousands of words of quality content quickly in order to start generating revenue. I cross referenced good topics like “best fishing rods for trout” and similar style articles that had buying intent with their values on Amazon. We wanted to avoid a lot of articles with very low priced items as the ROI just wasn’t there. This also involved a lot of research on the gear itself to ensure I was writing accurate content.

I also found good opportunities for guides and informational content. This ensures that Google sees the site as a well rounded authority site versus just a bunch of product reviews. 


Local SEO & Google Business Profile Optimization

This was not relevant for this site. 


The site was a big success. After less than one year, it was generating about $200/month in passive income for the owner with a high month of $600. There were over 100 articles ranking in the top 10.

The owner ended up being approached by a competitor who offered to buy the site outright. It has since been sold and merged into the buyer’s website. 


Organic Traffic Increase

Organic Keyword Increase

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